Need More Space? Storage Facilities in Connecticut are a Convenient Solution

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Moving Services

It’s easy for a family to outgrow its storage space. Sports equipment, Christmas decorations, and bulky winter clothes all take-up space. When buying a larger house or expanding the existing home aren’t options, Storage Facilities Connecticut can provide a convenient and cost-effective solution. Storage lockers vary in size from small units that are about the size of a walk-in closet to larger units that are the size of a two-car garage. A family can start out with a small unit. As their belongings increase, they can rent larger units. Most storage facilities give their customers the option of renting units on a monthly basis or signing a longer-term lease. Usually, they give a discount for a long-term rental.

Collectibles can also start to take up too much space. Home-owners may also be concerned about burglars breaking in to steal these valuables. They may decide that a storage locker is more secure than their own home. Collectors should make sure that the storage unit they rent has the correct climate control. While humidity may not be an issue for the figurines, it might be for the boxes that contain them. Often the condition of the box affects the value of a collectible. The collector can find climate-controlled units that regulate both temperature and humidity. It’s also important that pests such as rodents be controlled.

People who rent storage units can organize their belongings in them. They are allowed to use shelving units and clothing racks. This allows them to quickly and easily find items. Collectors can even bring in small tables to use to look at their collections. People should always make sure that the Storage Facilities Connecticut is open when they need to access their items. If it is late at night, they should verify the type of security that is available. Some facilities are open 24 hours a day, with security cameras. Other facilities have more limited hours with security guards present. Most facilities require the renter to provide their own locks. This ensures that are the only person with a key.

Augliera Moving And Storage company Connecticut is one of the companies that provide storage facilities in western Connecticut. They have a variety of options available for families and collectors.

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