Dental Care in Wichita for Children Under 2 Years

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Dentist

Experts know the importance of promoting good oral health from the beginning of life. For this reason, this short article has been prepared as a guide for child dental care. You are the best care for your baby in every way, but dentists wish you’d help make daily oral health a firm reality. Yes, Dental care in Wichita is awesome but dentists need your help to make sure it reaches its maximum potential.

Children’s dental care: from 0 to 6 months

The eruption of the first baby teeth usually begins when the baby is 6 months. The first teeth to appear are usually the four central incisors. From that moment, you begin to take care of your baby’s smile. The first thing to know is that the teeth are of a uniform color, so if you see any spots or a different tone in them, you should take your baby to the dentist. Basic tips:

* Ask your dentist everything you want to know about teething

* Use a clean cloth with a little water to clean baby’s teeth twice a day

* Do not let your baby fall asleep with a bottle in his or her mouth

Children’s dental care: 7 to 11 months

The lower incisors usually erupt completely after 8 months, while the bottom they do at 10 months. At the time, your baby will start eating soft foods such as porridge. At this stage, you should consider the following:

* Do not let them fall asleep with a bottle in his or her mouth

* Encourage them to use a glass from 7 months on

* Wipe their teeth twice a day

* Do not give them food or sugary drinks

Children’s dental care: 12 to 24 months

The first molar begins to erupt at 16 months and canines often do so at 20. The period from the 18th to the 24th month is crucial for the formation of enamel of permanent incisors. Eating healthy helps you child’s enamel grow strong, which in turn helps prevent cavities. You should reinforce healthy nutrition and limit consumption of sugary foods. Be sure to give a balanced diet with foods from the 5 main groups:Bread and cereals, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, vegetables and eggs, and milk, cheese, and yogurt. Visit us or their Facebook page for more information.

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