Baseball Magnets Can Increase Your Visibility Even in the Off-Season

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Business

Any sports fan’s home is bound to have a wide collection of team-related magnets on their refrigerator. It doesn’t matter whether the team is playing at the highest levels of professional sports or is just a local farm team or affiliate. These magnets are usually given out for free, and very few people ever turn them down. If you haven’t already considered the marketing possibilities accompanying giveaways of baseball magnets, the time is now to start seriously looking into it. You can support the local team and advertise your business or services for much less than you might expect.

Good Advertising for Less

Depending on the market you’re operating in, advertising fees can be quite high. You might not have enough money in the marketing budget to run major TV or print ads. Magnets, though, can be produced for quite a cheap price, and can be reused in many different settings. You can put them on your appliances at home, or in the office break room. They can be put on metal street poles, and if you want, they can sit on the body of your car for everyone to see. With baseball magnets, the advantage is a captive audience full of people who have to look at the schedule to see when and where the next game is.

Why shouldn’t they see the symbol or sign of your business when they do so? It makes a lot of business sense, putting a little money into a product that can and will deliver big dividends down the road. Perhaps it might not work as well in the off-season, but if you diversify your magnet presence, people could see ads for your business wherever they are all year round.

They Know Where to Look

When it comes to checking sports schedules, sometimes the first thing fans check is the magnets on their fridge. This is because they are placed in a space of prominence. While it is not exactly free advertising, it is definitely cheaper advertising than that which can be attained in magazines, newspapers and even online. Banner ads online can be skipped, or closed. Going to check your favorite team’s website can be tedious, no matter how big a fan you are. Baseball magnets, on the other hand, may be the first thing a customer notices when they go for that beer or want to heat up some leftovers.

When They Look, They’ll See You

It’s sometimes hard to stick out from the rest of the crowd these days. Everyone wants to have the flashiest, loudest advertisement they can. However, sometimes the oldies are the goodies. People can tune out jingles or television ads, or flip past print advertisements. Those magnets with a team schedule, and your company name? You’ll be the first thing on their mind when they seek what you offer.

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