4 Tips To Organize Your Belongings Before Handing Them To Moving Companies In Baton Rouge

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Moving Services

Moving involves handling of lots and lots of possessions that you haven’t even come across for a while now. One of the easiest things to do, when you are packing your stuff for a move, is to shove all of your stuff in the card boxes, waiting for the unpacking time to make sense of each thing. While this is the easiest way to deal with your possessions, it isn’t the wisest.

The wiser way is to make sure you go through each and every one of your possessions, discard the ones that are not useful, and pack the rest into separately labeled and organized cartons for the moving companies in Baton Rouge to move it. Here are a few tips to help you in that:

Visit Everything

When you are looking to organize and pack your stuff, make sure that you have enough time to take a look at everything you have. Only when you individually look at things will you be able to judge really what you want to keep and what is best disposed. Visiting here means individually handling everything and not just skimming past stuff. Doing that will allow you to sterilize your possessions for things that are surplus to requirements.

Get the Packing Done by Categories

Are you looking to pack your stuff room by room? That is something most people tend to do, but it is also known as the rookie mistake of packing. If you want to stay really on top of the packing process, pack and organize your stuff categorically. Make sure you put all the books together, all the clothes together and so on. As you are going through the categories, keep a miscellaneous category for those things that cannot be put in any category.

Find that Spark

Finding old possessions can bring a sudden sense of joy like you’ve found something long lost. Things that give off that feeling of joy and have that spark should always be kept and not discarded regardless of their lack of usefulness. The reason to keep these things is their emotional value to you. If something seems sort of useful to you but fails to feel special or important to you, it is worth letting off.

Think Of It As An Event

If you think this is a one-off exercise, think again. The moving companies in Baton Rouge will make sure all your possessions get to your new location, but you should treat this as something that might happen each year. Therefore, keep your possessions to a minimum and only keep what you need to make your move easier.

Organizing your possessions is one of the hardest tasks in moving, but make sure you treat the process like an activity where you have to choose what’s important and not discard what’s worthless. That will help you get through this phase.

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