Tips For Packing From Long Distance Movers In Louisville

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Moving Services

While many people choose to use packing services offered through long distance movers in Louisville, others make the choice to pack the contents of their home on their own. Still other families may decide to pack specific items on their own and have moving company packers handle other rooms in the home, especially rooms like the kitchen and storage rooms.

All options are certainly worth considering, and if you are on a budget packing on your own can help you save on the cost of your move. If you are doing your packing, you can take advantage of tips and techniques offered by the top long distance movers in Louisville to ensure you household possessions arrive at your new location in good shape.

Use New Boxes

If you moved around when you were younger you probably spent a few weeks in advance of your move finding boxes at just about any store in your area. Unfortunately, used cardboard boxes are easily damaged and lose their rigidity quickly.

It is well worth the small investment in new boxes, especially when packing more delicate or breakable objects. Talk to your long distance movers in Louisville about the packing supplies they offer, they are usually cheaper than going to packing supply stores or office stores and buying retail.

Pack Similar Items Together

Try to keep items of the same weight, size and type in the same boxes. This is a key tip from long distance movers in Louisville as combining heavy and light, breakable and non-breakable, or large and small items in the same box always creates more risk of damage.

If you are packing different items in the same box choose the most durable and heaviest on the bottom and more delicate and lighter items at the top.

Don’t Over Pack Boxes

Packing too much into any box is going to run the risk of damage when compacting the box to close it and seal it with tape. However, long distance movers in Louisville will also tell you boxes that are too heavy slow down the move and create more problems and a greater risk of damage to the contents.

Last, but very importantly, use enough packing in the boxes to protect the items from rubbing, scratching and clanking against each other. No matter how carefully long distance movers in Louisville handle and pack the boxes, they will move slightly in the load, just as items in your vehicle will move around with the motion of the vehicle.

Using these practical and simple packing tips from long distance movers in Louisville will help you in getting your items safely to your new home. Check the company website as well for additional helpful packing tips.

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