The Advantages of Having a Soft Water System in Dallas TX

A soft water system in Dallas TX is beneficial for many reasons. For one, it removes magnesium ions and calcium from hard water. The system works to replace these hard minerals with sodium ions. Magnesium and calcium ions can interact negatively with household detergents and soap, which can cause a build-up on your appliances. However, sodium doesn’t interfere with soap actions. The process helps to ensure that detergents remove more dirt and oil from dishes and clothing. It also ensures that the soap has a slippery feel when you wash.

Where it Goes and How it Works

The unit or system is inside your household plumbing near enough to where the water enters the house. Therefore, it can soften the water used for washing or drinking but doesn’t affect irrigation. The unit itself uses many cubic feet of plastic resin that’s covered with molecules. These molecules bind to and attract positive ions that are dissolved in the water.

Usually, sodium ions coat the plastic resin, but when water flows over the plastic resin to get to the sink or washing machine, the magnesium/calcium ions stick to it. Therefore, the sodium ions are released into the water, maintaining the right electric charge and balance on the resin. Of course, the sodium ions are going to be fully released at some point, so the system usually has a way to remove all the magnesium and calcium ions and replenish the sodium ions.

Many systems are designed to cleanse itself overnight when you probably won’t use the water. However, you can customize your system if you work long hours or otherwise tend to use more water during the overnight hours.

While it’s helpful to learn about how these systems work, you don’t necessarily have to know much to have one installed. Visit PureElementsInc for more info.

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