Understanding Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Lawyers

No one wants to sit in jail any longer than necessary. People need to be out with their families, in their homes and back to work as soon as possible. But unfortunately, not everyone has the money to make bail when they need it and there are very few lenders who will pass out money for this type of need. This is why Bail Bonds exist and why so many use their services every year. The process is pretty basic and straightforward, but if you have never needed their help before you may be confused as to what a company offering Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City actually does.

When you have been arrested, a hearing is held where your charges are heard. This is when the judge will set bail. This can happen at any time of the day or night. In order to make bail, you or a friend or family member will call or stop in to a bail bonds office. You explain the charges, give all of your personal information and pay their fee upfront. The fee is typically a certain percentage of what the bail is, an additional deposit may also be required if the bail is high. They will require collateral like the title to a home or vehicle. They will hold this title until the client attends court as required.

When you hire a bail bonds in Oklahoma City they will stay updated on your case until completion. They contact their clients frequently to ensure they are aware of court dates and may even attend court with the client. However they should not be mistaken for legal counsel as they are not there to offer any legal advice. They are simply there to be certain their investment is safe. If the client does not appear in court as ordered, the money they posted will be lost. This is called “jumping bail” and it means people will lose the cash and property they have provided to the bail bondman and may even owe an additional debt as well. Additional fees can also be incurred if the court case extends out beyond a year, usually it is l fee equal to the initial one the client was charged. All information is provided up front prior to signing an agreement with the bondsman. The client needs to be certain they understand their responsibilities and can afford their services.

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