The Reason to Obtain an IRP Trip Permit Online in Ohio

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Transportation

Truck drivers are responsible for ensuring the transport of products across the United States. Subsequently, they have various placards, licenses, and permits they must have in order to get from one place to another. As much of a problem as this may seem to be, it is actually for the security of all involved. The securing of such licensing and permits falls under the International Registration Plan (IRP) guidelines. Factors and prices will change according to the location. If you are a trucker and need to obtain an IRP Trip Permit Online Ohio, here are some tips.

If you don’t have your IRP credentials, simply apply for a trip permit. Such a permit is temporary, lasting for 72 hours in Ohio, and the cost is $15. This permit should be secured in advance of the destination to which you must travel. It is also important to understand that these permits cannot be purchased except through those agents authorized to make such transactions in the State of Ohio. While the Ohio trip permit is $15, the Ohio fuel permit for a 24 hour period is $12. Visit the site for complete details.

You might want to know what qualifications are necessary for IRP in Ohio. The IRP is primarily for the licensing of trucks and other commercial vehicles that travel in Ohio and one other IRP jurisdiction (at a minimum). For the purposes of clarification, an IRP jurisdiction refers to the location where said registrant has an official established business. It also includes the area where the registrant reports to a fleet, and records of mileage accrued are reported and accessible. The established business would be considered the brick and mortar location established and operated by the fleet registrant.

You may also want to ensure you understand the penalties involved if you do not abide by the rules regarding these temporary permits. If caught, the fines can range anywhere from $100 to $500. In addition to the fines, you will be required to purchase a trip permit anyway, and your vehicle could seized until the penalty is paid. It is best to save yourself trouble and purchase an instant permit online. If you want to obtain an IRP Trip Permit Online Ohio, download one online anywhere you have internet access. Visit the website,

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