Elder Care Attorneys And Elderly Abuse And Neglect

People who have elderly loved ones who are cared for by others need to know the signs of abuse and neglect. If any signs are noted, contacting one of the Elder Care Attorneys in the area is a must. A qualified attorney can make sure that justice is done. It’s important for people to understand that there is a difference between abuse and neglect. Abuse is when a person intentionally causes injury, intimidation, unjust punishment, care deprivation, or anything else that leads to mental suffering or physical pain. Neglect is when people unintentionally or intentionally fail to provide the care that is necessary to keep a person free from physical pain or mental anguish.

Mark Aberasturi or any other one of the qualified elder care attorneys in the area can help a person determine whether or not a loved one is going through neglect, abuse, or both. There are different types of neglect and abuse. The elderly can be deprived of food and water by their caregivers. This can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, and other health issues. There may also be a lack of care for existing medical issues. Caregivers may not provide the medicine that the elderly need to be healthy. People can be unreasonably confined. Some people are victims of sexual abuse such as rape. In some cases, people are given drugs so that caregivers don’t have to deal with them as much.

So what are the signs that a person is being abused or neglected? Dehydration and unexplained weight loss are common signs. Unexplained bruises and broken bones are also signs. If a person is always injured and refuses to talk about the injuries, that may be a sign that the person is also being intimidated. Bedsores are sometimes present when a person is neglected or abused. People may also become more withdrawn. They may seem agitated and visibly shaken.

One way to determine if a person is being abused or neglected is to use hidden cameras. If cameras are visible, abusers may use blind spots for their abuse or do the abuse in a room that isn’t being monitored. It’s better to use hidden cameras to catch a person’s true behavior. Video evidence will also strengthen a case.

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