Reasons to Consider Shipping Excess Baggage

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Transportation

Most people feel their only option is to pay outrageous prices with the airlines in order to have multiple bags for their trip, but you could do so much better if you consider shipping your excess baggage with a courier service. There are many great reasons to consider shipping your extra baggage, which can also save you time and money.


The airlines request that you show up for your flight with at least two hours to spare and most people prefer to arrive with three or four hours to spare. Have you ever noticed that it usually takes the entire three hours to get through to your flight area? If so, you are not alone. Because there are so many security checks which take long and all the extra luggage that people want to bring, it does take more time.

Shipping excess luggage can save you money because you aren’t paying the extra baggage fees. You will get a flat rate to ship your luggage almost anywhere in the world, and you will also be allowed to carry on items that airlines consider dangerous and may not allow.


Everyone enjoys shopping in a new area. You can shop for authentic pieces made in that area or interesting things that your family and friends will enjoy. Many people have been upset because they have purchased all these great things and cannot take them on an airplane due to security purposes or they find they must pay extra to have the added luggage.

If you plan on purchasing a lot of souvenirs (and even if you don’t), consider shipping this excess baggage so that it arrives at your home or other preferred destination without all the added hassles.

Long Trips

If you frequently take long trips for business or pleasure, you may find that having more of your personal items makes things go more smoothly. Most people can handle being away from home for a few days and using hotel shampoos and soaps, but any longer and most people wish for their personal toiletries.

You won’t have to worry about the one-ounce rule with airlines for all your creams, lotions, perfume, cologne or other toiletries if you consider shipping your excess baggage to the hotel’s location. Not only will you save a little money, you won’t be in trouble with security or the airlines, and you’ll get to have everything you need.

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