Send a Parcel to the USA from India Using a Courier

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Transportation

If you are interested in shipping items from India to the USA, you will likely find that a courier is the best option as they can ship all types of items, such as dangerous goods, medication, food and more. Your parcel is very important, and finding the right courier is a big deal. Look for those couriers that offer trustworthiness, reliability and a great customer-agent relationship.


Most companies out there are only interested in the bottom line and making money. This means they will treat customers poorly, as well as staff and everyone else involved. However, the courier you select should treat employees well and should also treat their customers well. You may wonder how to find this information, but it is quite easy. If you go to the website of the courier, you will likely find testimonials, which can help with your decision.

This means they will treat your parcel with respect and care, all the way from India to the USA. While the courier will not have a direct hand in sending the items, they will use professional shipping companies to ensure safety of your parcel for the duration of the trip. This ensures that your items arrive unharmed, and the recipient will be pleased.


A reliable company is a necessity. While reliability can definitely include great service, it also means that the company is dependable, offers genuine care and more. Your items should be sent to their destination on time with no delay. While there are some times where delay is necessary, the company should be able to tell you what the problem is and how long of a delay it will be. Many shipping companies and the postal service will not afford the same luxury, making you wait and wonder about your items for weeks.

Reliability does mean that customer service is top notch, as well. Of course, you may find a problem with the courier’s services, especially if the item was damaged from India to the USA. However, speaking with the courier will usually set things right. You may be compensated for the damage, provided a free shipment or some other form of repentance.

Customer-Agent Relations

The parcel you send is not just between you and the recipient, but between you and the courier agent, as well. Your relationship with the courier is important and couriers understand this.

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