Services Offered by Metal Scrap Companies

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Metal

Metal scrap companies offer a wide range of services. As the recycling industry has grown over the past few decades, many new companies have sprouted all over the globe. These companies mainly purchase and recycle the waste from other industries and factories. During certain manufacturing and industrial processes, a lot of scrap metal is produced as a by-product.

Metal is a finite resource, which means wasting it is not a good idea. As a result, most manufacturing companies just sell off the scrap metal at reduced prices. Apart from simply buying the scrap metal, recycling companies also offer many other services. Here are a few:

Roll-Off Container Service

If you want to store the metal scrap for a temporary period or have it delivered elsewhere, recycling companies can do that. The material is transported by the recycling company to a particular destination, where it is graded and weighed.

Other data such as the type of commodity, service date and the price of the metal is also calculated then. This helps to produce tonnage reports when needed. Many companies take advantage of roll-off services, including corporations, general contractors, municipalities, factories and manufacturing companies.

E-Waste Hauling

Hauling metallic scrap is not easy. Most recycling companies need approval from the Department of Environmental Protection. Most recycling companies provide extensive hauling of universal waste. Once they are certified, the company can haul computer and electronic scrap, metallic scrap and many other types of waste materials. The waste can be hauled from a variety of different locations, ranging from homes and offices to large-scale factories and industrial locations.

Scrap Removal from Commercial Environments

If you want to clean out the interior of a commercial location, recycling companies can do that too. They have experience, expertise and the resources available to remove all metal scrap from a particular location. The material can be removed from an office or a house.

Common examples of materials removed include insulated wires, metal studs, office furniture, computers and telecom equipment, HVAC equipment, fire sprinkler systems, metal file cabinets, warehouse racking systems and many others. Virtually anything that is made of metal can be removed. Rather than destroy all this material, the recycling company can use it for other purposes.

Certified Destruction

In some states, industries and corporations are required to provide a certificate that their scrap was destroyed in an ethical manner. Certified recycling companies can provide certificates regarding the guaranteed destruction of sensitive materials such as lead acid batteries, electronic scrap, DC power plants, auto, wet cell or valve regulated power plants. These materials are often used in industrial applications to power computer and telecom equipment. They also backup power to computer equipment.

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