Ways of Recycling Appliances

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Metal

Unlike papers and other degradable wastes, home appliances are not easy to recycle or dispose. They are big in size and they are made from non-degradable material. Oftentimes, you will want to replace an appliance in the house, other times, an appliance will break and you need to buy a new one but the question is, what do you do with the old appliance?

Microwaves, fridges, dish washers, blenders, mixers and other appliances occupy a lot of space so you cannot keep them in your garage. If you decide to keep them there, you will run out of space for keeping valuable items. And again, it doesn’t make sense why you should keep the there.

If you do not plan on using them again but they are in good shape, consider donating to a charity home. Most homes are in need of the appliances and some sell them to get money to meet their daily needs. In case you do not locate a charity, you can put your item on freecycle and then someone will express their interest in the product. You will then talk about how you will meet and pass the product to them.

In some cases, the appliance is broken but it can be repaired. Repairs that cost little money but restore the appliance to perfect working condition can be helpful to someone who does don’t have that appliance. If you do not have anyone to give, consider looking for a shop that accepts parts of a broken appliance for cash. If it is broken beyond repair, then check contact the manufacturer to see if they accept old appliances for new ones.

Did you know that most of the appliances are made up of more than 75% of steel? Fortunately, steel is a recyclable material which means your appliances can be recycled. When you dump your appliances in a litter box, they corrode releasing harmful gases to the atmosphere. The appliances also occupy a lot of space which could be use up by other waste material. Recycling appliances saves virgin metals from being depleted as they are in limited supply.

To make it easy for you to recycle your appliances, HC metals specializes in appliance recycling. We have dedicated staffs that work tireless to ensure that we recycle your home appliances. We follow the set guidelines for recycling various appliances to maintain a clean environment and help you to dispose of your appliances with ease. Call us today and we will talk about the appliance solutions available.

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