Local Scrap Yards Are Best!

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Metal

Local scrap yards offering many services ranging from the picking up of commercial scrap metals to the weighing and identifying of metals brought to them by locals. The need for recycled metals is steadily increasing leaving them with a need for your metal and a willingness to pay for it.

Why choose a scrap yard?

Recycling metals not only helps you rid yourself of unwanted and unneeded items, it also helps the environment. Recycling metals that have already been treated and processed reduces the energy it takes to make metal from scratch. Recycling also saves on natural resources. Natural resources such as iron ore, is used in the metal making process. Recycling metals instead of manufacturing new ones saves these resources for use when there is a greater need.

How it works

To recycle your metal using a scrap yard in Louisiana, all you have to do is bring the scrap, no matter what it is, down to the yard and they will handle the rest. Your scrap is then cleaned, sorted, and analyzed using state of the art equipment to see exactly what kind of metal it is. Once that is finished, it is weighed using state regulated scales to ensure you receive the money you deserve. Finally, you receive the money for your metal. It’s that easy.

Commercial Use

The process for commercial use of scrap yards is quite simple as well. A company calls for an empty container. Once the container is brought, they fill it with their scrap metals. When full, simply call for a pick up and your full container will be switched for a new empty one. Your scrap is then taken in to be sorted, weighed, and prepared to be sold. Documentation will be kept on the entire process ensuring your business knows all the facts. Then you are paid. Again, simple.

If you are looking for a scrap yard to do your metal recycling, the folks at All Scrap Metals are there ready and waiting.

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