No Grass – Just Plain Old Dirt – Call Spokane Pro Care for a Beautiful Lawn

by | Feb 16, 2015 | Landscaping

You may as well face it. You can have the most expensive and gorgeous house in the city, but if the lawn isn’t maintained you’ll be ashamed to park in front of it. If you have sand and brown dirt instead of lush green grass and flowers maintained by a lawn care specialist, it’s time to call one in. When a company says to you, “We are lawn care specialists in Spokane” believe it. Look around the neighborhood at the finely manicured yards and lawns and then ask your neighbor which company they call to take care of the lawn?

Whether you want a minimum of grass, but want flowers and greenery everywhere, they’ll arrange a lawn that practically takes care of itself. They’ll plant flowers and bulbs and grassy plants that come up every year. You’ll just have to call them to weed them. Companies today offer special assistance to home and business owners who aren’t well versed in knowing which flowers come up every year and which ones must be planted each year. They don’t understand to plant the taller plants in behind the shorter flowers and that they do need watering. Many people forget that watering is part of the equation.

Spokane Pro Care doesn’t forget anything. When you hire them to take care of your lawn, they’re like a one-stop-shop that can do everything from mowing to installing sprinklers. They’ll remove snow from your long tree-lined lane or the short driveway in front of your garage. If you have a hilly front yard and want large and small stones or chips eliminating the need for high maintenance, talk to the company and tell them what you want to achieve. They’ll fertilize the soil at the proper time of the year. They’ll remove grubs, moles, and other garden pests that hinder the growth of tender plants and seedlings.

Call Spokane Pro Care and sign up for regular maintenance throughout all seasons. You’ll receive winter time snow removal, pest removal, planting of flowers, trees and shrubs trimmed, grass cut, and installation of sprinkler systems. When it’s all said and done, your lawn will show the entire neighborhood how much you care about your home and property. Give the company a call to schedule an appointment with them. The next time you look at your lawn, you’ll be happy you did.

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