Indications You Are Dealing With Bad Soil

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Landscaping

Do you pride yourself on having a green thumb? In order to make the plants you put into the ground thrive, you need the right mix of skill and great soil. There may be times when problems with your soil will prohibit you from growing flowers, vegetables or even shrubs around your home and business. Testing the soil around your home allows you to find out exactly what the problem may be. When you work with a Utica, NY, topsoil supplier, you know you will have the healthy materials you need to grow whatever you want. Read below to find out about some of the problems you may notice when you have bad soil.

Low Nitrogen Levels

While you will be unable to tell if the nitrogen levels in your home’s soil are low until test results come back, there are a number of warning signs. If you notice the plants in your soil are severely discolored and are breaking apart in the soil, chances are this is due to low nitrogen levels. Getting a load of soil from a topsoil supplier in Utica, NY, and using compost can both increase nitrogen levels.

Low Phosphorous Levels

Do your plants have a purple tint to them? If so, you are probably dealing with low phosphorous levels. Generally, this problem occurs when the temperatures in your area go from one extreme to the next. Rather than letting this problem affect the look of your plants, call in a topsoil supplier to help.

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