3 Things that are Considered when Determining Custody in Dayton OH

If you are trying to determining Child Custody in Dayton OH, there are a few different things that are considered first. For example, if the parties involved can come to a settled conclusion themselves, that would be the best option. There are many other options to consider, and research should be done if you are interested in the technical ins and outs of child custody.

Settled Conclusion

The easiest way to determine Child Custody in Dayton OH is with the consent of both of the parties involved. If they can settle things between themselves and work out whatever scheduling issues that had arisen before, then they have the capability to decide it themselves and have the court make it official. This saves plenty of time and money, but can only happen with the teamwork of both parties. If there are underlying feuds than you might need the help of the court to settle the issue.

Best Interest of Children

The main thing to consider during a custody battle is what is best for the child or children involved in the case. For example, if one of the parties is financially unstable, then the rights would almost automatically go to the next party. Or, if one parent has a criminal record, it will reflect negatively on their ability to provide the best care for the child. The best interest is important when determining what is best for the child. Despite emotional attachment to one party or the other, best interest is what takes the first and most important factor.

Joint Custody

Another important thing to know about a child custody battle is that joint custody does not always mean the parenting is split up 50/50. Sometimes the parenting schedule can be very skewed, once again taking into consideration the best interest of the child involved. If a mother has more available time to provide care for children while the father, or second party, remains constantly busy, most of the scheduled time will be allotted to the mother.

A custody battle can be a long and confusing process. If you are unsure of how to go about partaking in a custody battle, you should hire legal help. The processes and rules change depending on what state you reside in, so you should contact a state representative with further questions.

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