Chlorine Free Swimming Pools: The Safe Way to Swim

by | Feb 16, 2015 | Business

There are many reasons that chlorine has been the most popular method of water treatment. It is incredibly effective and affordable. It is the least expensive of any chemical used to disinfect swimming pool and spa water, keeps the water free of harmful bacteria, and makes the water look crystal-clear.

In recent times it has been discovered that although chlorine is very effective in keeping pool water clean and free from bacteria, it is responsible for many irritating issues and linked with some serious health conditions in humans. Many people have been making a switch in their water treatment systems, opting for methods such as the ones we offer at Clearwater Pool Systems. Chlorine and salt free systems provide safe and effective chlorine free swimming pools.

Risks of Chlorine in Swimming Pools

The presence of chlorine in swimming pools poses many risks to the health of the people swimming in them as well as to the people who need to handle the chemical and apply it to the water. There are many issues that are noticeable to everyone who has swum in a chlorinated pool. Most have experienced one or more of these effects:

  • Dry skin, sometimes leading to more serious irritations such as eczema and rash
  • Dry hair
  • Hair discoloration
  • Dry eyes, sometimes irritated to the point of becoming red, itchy, or burning
  • Breathing difficulties, sometimes triggering severe issues such as asthma, especially in children

In addition to these more obvious issues, the carcinogenic vapors released by chlorine have been linked with different types of cancers in adults, including breast and rectal cancers.

Safe and Effective Options for Switching to Chlorine Free Swimming Pools

Chlorine free swimming pools have been gaining popularity in recent times as the dangers of chlorine are being revealed. There are now many options available that use science and natural elements to help people maintain safe, healthy, and effective chlorine free swimming pools.

Clearwater Pool Systems offers some of the best options available today for alternative water treatments. With scientifically designed MineralPure and OzoneMAX, copper and silver are used in a safe and effective ionization process for swimming pools and spas. When MineralPure is used in conjunction with OzoneMAX, which harnesses the power of Earth’s natural ozone, you get a powerful oxidizer which actually reacts 3,000 times faster than chlorine. These methods are affordable, safe, low maintenance, and most importantly do not cause any of the harmful effects that chlorine does.

You can find all of the solutions you need to make the smart switch to chlorine free swimming pools at Clearwater Pool Systems. We believe in providing you with scientifically designed, safe, and natural options to chlorine for your swimming pool and spa. Our systems have been designed to be effective in any size pool. Check out MineralPure and OzoneMAX at Clearwater Pool Systems today.

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