Get a Grip on Your Beverage

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Business & Economics

There is nothing quite like an ice cold beverage of your choice to begin or end a perfect day. Well, almost nothing like it until it’s snuggled away inside of a koozie. That’s about all it takes to make the drink of the hour feel like the best part of the day. There are several different designs of koozies available and they all have at least one thing in common, they work to keep the beverages snug and chilled. There is such a wide variety of them that they make quite the gift as well. Purchasing them as gifts for perspective clients, guests in lodging establishments or souvenirs are all great ideas. The custom factor is what adds the special touch and takes the perception up a notch and it works wonders as a conversation starter when adorned with creative design.


Endless Possibilities


There are a wide range of slogans, colours, designs and any other detail imagined that may appear on the custom printed koozies. This is part of what makes them ideal for any size companies. The versatility that they offer makes them perfect for almost any occasions. School fundraisers, social fundraisers and civic organizations could use these as ice breakers for new comers. Imprint an engaging slogan or design that is relative to the cause and voila, you’ve got the perfect token to share with those who visit or express interest in the cause or company that is represented. The options and possibilities of ways to introduce the koozies into an environment or particular cause are endless.


A Personal Touch


One of the most noticeable qualities of the koozie is the way it adds personality to a beverage. In the presence of others, your drink is easily identified and quickly becomes a representative of you. That can mean a lot for the company, business or organization that is displayed on the koozie. The custom attribute sparks interest and quite possibly a conversation that could eventually lead to new business for the company represented. If nothing else, koozies help to magnify the luxury of keeping your drink secure and chilled while drinking. These items also make wonderful souvenirs that can last a very long time. Visitors from out of town sometimes spark the need to sightsee and shop for souvenirs. Koozies are among the most popular souvenirs that are purchased on vacations. The custom application is a great way to add a personal touch.

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