Septic Services in Connecticut: Getting Your Septic Tank Cleaned by Professionals

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Business & Economics

It’s amazing how many parts of the home that are overlooked until something goes wrong. Most homeowners unknowingly wait too long to have certain systems and appliances serviced in their home, and ultimately, suffer the consequences. One area of the home that is often overlooked, but very expensive to repair is the septic tank. Hiring a plumbing professional for Septic Services in Connecticut is extremely important to your health.

Why Waiting Too Long is a Risk

Most tanks come equipped with some space that allows for the sludge and waste to accumulate before they begin to malfunction. However, what most homeowners are unaware of, is that the space is only designed to hold enough waste that’s accumulated over the course of 3-5 years. Waiting too long to have it cleaned could cause your entire plumbing system to back up, and could potentially cause permanent damage to the drainfield. Once damaged, the septic tank can cost a lot of money to have repaired.

When to Have it Cleaned

It can be complicated for the untrained homeowner to understand when it is time to hire a plumber for Septic Services in Connecticut, however, experts say at least every three years. Homes that have garbage disposal systems, however, may need to have it cleaned every year as there is more waste and sludge entering the tank. If the tank becomes clogged, it can become a really serious problem for the home.

Check Prior History

Another method of determining when it is time to have your septic tank serviced is by looking at the history of the tank. Prior history is usually the best indicator of how often homeowners should have the system cleaned out. Having a contractor complete an inspection can determine how often your system needs to be cleaned to prevent clogging and other damage.

There is nothing worse than flushing the toilet one day to find that your bathroom is overflowing with waste and sludge. That is why, sticking to a routine is vital. If you have not had your septic tank cleaned in a while, you should contact a professional plumber for Septic Services in Connecticut.

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