Bruxism Repair Through a Dentistry in Waikiki

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Dentist

The answer to the question of whether or not there is a permanent cure for bruxism is not defining, but rather it depends on several things. The reasons for the tooth grinding and clenching are most important, and treatment is carried out to stop it one way or another. How can your local Dentistry in Waikiki cure bruxism? These are some of the main causes and treatments for bruxism:


It is said that stress is the main cause of bruxism. When this is identified as a reason for the ailment, the most obvious cure is to work on the level of stress and try to reduce it. There are many ways a person can achieve this. Exercises such as yoga or tai chi are very effective in relieving stress. You can also try to relax before going to bed by listening to soothing music and trying not to think about the problems. Counseling may also be helpful to achieve the objective and thus eliminate the factor that is causing bruxism.


Some medications can cause bruxism as a side effect. Ask the dentist what the problem could be in your case. If you’re taking any medications that cause oral health problems, you should talk to the doctor who has prescribed medication and ask them to change it and possibly prevent further grinding.

Tooth structure defects (malocclusion)

Sometimes, dental problems can cause bruxism. A possible treatment for this situation can be to undergo orthodontic treatment or TMJ surgery to correct the malocclusion. What if the measures discussed above do not stop grinding or clenching? In this situation, your dentist can give you a night splint that you use during the hours you sleep. This is a procedure widely used and it offers different results, but does serve to prevent damage of dental structures.

While bruxism is not a serious problem, you should try to stop it as soon as possible and the failure to do so may end up damaging your teeth, causing serious consequences in the future. Seeing a local dentistry in Waikiki can help your case immensely. Ask a dentist how you can rid yourself of this today.

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