Does Your Home Need Heating Repair Service?

Though a forced air furnace is meant to run many years without major problems, there are issues that can arise. When a heater is not running properly or at all, it is important to call for heating repair service right away. Operating a system when it is failing could lead to a complete breakdown. Prompt repairs can keep a heater running properly and help home-owners to avoid major replacement expenses.

     *     Those who have a gas furnace need to be careful when natural gas is smelled. In its natural form, this gas has no odours. To make gas leaks easier to detect, a special fragrance is mixed in. If home-owners smell gas in the home, it is imperative they call for heating repair service right away. Do not light any matches or try to run the heater until the leak has been found and repaired. While waiting for the repairman, make sure to cut off the gas supply valve to the heater.

     *     If there is no pilot light, it is important repairs are carried out immediately. Never try to light the pilot light as this can be dangerous. This could mean the thermocouple is loose or failing. It could also mean there is an obstruction preventing the steady supply of gas to the flame. A heating repair technician can come out and investigate the issues with the heater so the pilot light can be restored.

     *     When a forced air system is no longer blowing out a strong force of heat, there are many issues that could be to blame. There could be ductwork blockages or a blower fan problem. When a unit can no longer deliver enough warm air, the home is not going to be effectively heated. The sooner this issue is taken care of, the more efficiently the heater will be able to heat the home.

Home-owners who are dealing with these issues need to seek repair from a professional repair company. Visit and learn about the many heating services they offer. They can promptly repair your heater so your home can be effectively heated again. Call them today and schedule a repair appointment right away.

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