Auto Accident Lawyers in Arizona Protect Your Rights

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Lawyers

If you have been in an auto accident, you will need to be very vigilant about documenting everything before, during, and after the accident. You may feel that as long as everyone is insured and you have a copy of the accident report from the police, you are protected. But that may not be enough. In many instances, it is up to the victim to be proactive about their rights in order to get the compensation they deserve.


Your first step following an accident should be to contact one of the Auto Accident Lawyers in Arizona. The sooner you make that call, the earlier they can get started on getting you the settlement that will help to pay your bills.


In addition, to protect yourself, make certain you have a record of everything from the moment the accident occurs. If you are injured, appoint someone you trust to assist you with this. Begin by taking photographs of the entire scene, preferably before any of the vehicles are moved. Remember to also include photos of anything else which may be pertinent to the case. This could be how close a vehicle is to a stop sign, where the crosswalk was located, or anything else which may have been a contributing factor.


Know if there are witnesses and if there are, make certain they are interviewed by the police so their names and comments are recorded in the report. If there are witnesses that are ignored or just not interviewed, get their names and contact information for your own records.


If a hospital trip or visit to the doctor is required, keep all paperwork, follow all of their instructions, and make certain you note every expense. This could be cab fare or a rental car to get there because of the damage to your own vehicle.


Any additional expenses should be documented as well. Lost time from work, prescriptions for pain medicine, and automobile repairs are examples of the expenses to keep track of following your accident. These are all bits of information the Auto Accident Lawyers in Arizona will use to build your case. Whether your accident occurred months ago or happened yesterday, contact a lawyer today to learn more about what your options may be.


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