What Should You Know About Glass Repair in Elmhurst?

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Business & Economics

Whether it be a damaged glass door or window, the results can leave a home exposed to elements and increase the risk of a break-in. This is why it is crucial homeowners work quickly to seek glass repair in Elmhurst. The sooner the glass is repaired, the less likely further damage will occur. Through glass repair professionals, the glass in a door or window can be replaced, so it looks brand new.

Though some minor dings in the glass may be able to be repaired with resin, it is recommended glass is replaced when it becomes damaged. The process for repair on windows and doors is basically the same. The first part of the process is removing the damaged glass from the window or door. This must be done carefully, so the frame does not become damaged in the process. This is carried out by first removing the trim around the glass pane.

To remove the trim, the repair technician needs to remove the putty that lies around the window. The putty is carefully dissected away from the glass so it can easily be removed. Once the glass has been removed, the frame must carefully be scraped down to remove all traces of putty. If the old putty is left behind, it will not allow for proper placement of the new glass.

Once the frame has been cleaned, the new glass can be put in place. A glass repair technician can create a custom piece of glass for any type of door or window. Once the glass has been lowered into place, new putty will need to be put in. The putty is what creates an airtight seal and prevents the elements from entering the home. Once the putty is in place, the framing can be reinstalled, and the window or door will be fully repaired.

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