What Getting Your Executive Coaching Certification Can Do for You

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Business

Are great leaders born, or made? Hours have been spent debating this question, with those involved in the discussion bringing up the examples of (among others) Julius Caesar, George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte. Is there some innate talent that those men possessed, or was it merely the case that they all had the potential within them all along, waiting to be unleashed? We tend to value business acumen more than military genius these days, which marks an evolution of sorts in the critique of leadership. Small business owners and Fortune 500 company executives alike seek to tap into the secrets of leadership.

Potential Alone Doesn’t Equal Success

While it actually is the case that some people are just born to be leaders, or are born “achievers” who confidently set any goal with the knowledge that they can reach it, most people need some advice on how to lead and achieve. Even Michael Jordan, with all of his raw talent, needed a coach to help him and his teams win championships. The next question is who is qualified to be a coach for a leader. The answer may surprise you, for even though former business owners make up a large percentage of executive coaches, anyone with motivation and tenacity can engage in coaching after receiving their executive coaching certification.

Getting your executive coaching certification could wind up being a lucrative way to earn money. The most successful businesses in the world often employ the services of an executive coach to help their leaders clarify their goals, shape their strategies, and just connect with employees on a more personal basis. Sometimes you don’t even have to actually visit a corporate headquarters to coach, as many executive coaching sessions can be conducted over the telephone. Big businesses will pay you big money to help them, but you do have to know what you’re doing, and your clients usually want to see tangible results quickly.

Your Training will Help You Train Others to Lead

This is why training to be an executive coach is a necessity. Businesses don’t want to pay a lot of money for their leaders just to receive the same advice they could’ve found cheaper via the internet or in a self-help book. More often than not, they want a tailor-made experience for their industry and the course should address specific career or personal goals. Getting your executive coaching certification, even if you have several years of business leadership of your own, will teach you how to adapt your coaching skills to each individual or organization’s benefit. It is the best way to build and prove your executive coaching credentials.

Great leaders are sometimes born, but more often, they need help and are made from the potential of good or even mediocre leaders. With training, you too can become an executive coach and help business leaders achieve their goals.

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