Don’t Face Adoption Alone: Resources for Adoption in Oklahoma City, OK

by | Apr 12, 2015 | Adoption

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be frightening. Facing an unplanned pregnancy when you do not have support or the ability to parent a child can be completely overwhelming and terrifying. You may find yourself unexpectedly pregnant and not have the resources needed to support a child on your own. Even those in a committed relationship can find themselves crumbling under the weight of responsibility a new baby brings into their lives. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are unsure what choices are available to you, research your adoption resources in the Oklahoma City area.

You may have always dreamed of being a mom but an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy is not part of that dream. You may be a student struggling to complete a degree that can mean a difference to your future, or have just left an abusive or unhealthy relationship and do not have the financial or physical resources to bring a child home let alone provide an ongoing safe and secure environment. You may even be in a committed relationship but are already struggling to care for yourself and children already in your home.

Making an adoption plan for your child is not a selfish act. It is one of the most selfless acts a mother can provide for her child. You are choosing to place your child in a home that can provide more than what your current situation allows. It does not mean you do not love your child, it means that you loved your child enough to make a difficult choice for their future.

In many cases you can choose to meet your child’s adoptive parents prior to giving birth or soon after. You may even be able to agree upon an open adoption plan which will allow you to watch your child grow through pictures, phone calls, and occasional visits. Your child will always know that they were loved from the beginning by all the important adults in their lives.

Make a decision with forethought and love. Find out more about adoption today.

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