Top Tips for a Fun and Delightful Boudoir Shoot

by | May 24, 2018 | Photographer

Surprising your partner with intimate photos can up the heat in the bedroom. Read on for top tips on how to enjoy your shoots to the fullest.

Find a photographer you like

If you aren’t comfortable with your photographer, that’s going to show up in the photos. Don’t let that ruin what could otherwise be a fun and awesome time. Look for a boudoir photographer in San Diego that you click with, The Knot says.

Make sure you have a budget

Paying for a session will often cost you good money. Setting changes, time spent, and props can add to the final bill. Also, if you’re going to buy new lingerie, you’re going to need to factor that in.

Pick a good location

Your photographer will suggest a few locations. Pick one that’s beautiful and comfortable for you. While a hotel room or the studio may be great options, you could also opt for one in your home. However, make sure you have spots with plenty of natural light. If that’s not possible, then a hotel room may be better for your needs.

Decide on what to wear

Don’t show up in your gym outfit. Go with the classics. Black, white and something bright in color will often win the day. A corset can give you sexy curves too while delicate lingerie will be perfect if you want something, soft and romantic. Don’t forget to accessorize. The right accessory can provide a focal point in the photographs and create interesting touches and details. If you want classy elegance and sultry touches, a strand of pearls, shoes, and jewelry make great additions to your photos. Bring along those accessories or more. A good boudoir photographer in San Diego will usually bring along accessories that you can use for the shoot as well.

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