A Session Tailored to Showcase Your Family!

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Photographer

Whether or not you’ve had a lot of portrait photography done, you might already guess that professional family photography is quite a bit different. Yes, there are the basic differences such as multiple subjects instead of just one, but it goes far beyond that. There are the individual personalities to be captured in the photos, the challenges that kids might pose to making good shots, and even the setting, clothing and props appropriate to your family. In other words, there is a lot of planning and thought that goes into a good family photo, and Holladay Photography offers a personalized photography experience to ensure the best results.

It is helpful to know that Holladay Photography in Denver, CO specializes in moment driven photography and even cinematic shots that use far bolder and more scene-oriented photography then more traditional work. This can be amazingly beneficial in family photos because it can make those images artistic as well as a documentary.

How would a session tailored to your family photo work? It begins with a discussion of the kind of photography appeals to your family the most. This could be outdoor shots, close-ups, active shots, and more. The point is to find out what sort of professional family photography is going to best capture the essence of your family at that point in time. You will be able to discuss the right location, the kinds of things that might help to make younger kids smile or overcome any challenges experienced in front of a camera, and even things like wardrobe and props.

Part of the planning of your session is also going to look at factors such as:

* What everyone is going to wear – Will everyone coordinate their looks, or will they be individually chosen outfits to capture the essence of the individual? Will everyone where a similar color scheme? Maybe everyone picks two to three hues to keep a more cohesive look to the final shot?

* Will everyone be in one image or will it be multiple shots – Parents can be photographed on their own without the kids, kids can be in a group of their own, or everyone can be together. Maybe two siblings have an especially strong or unique bond? That can be incorporated into the photos, too.

* Where is the best shot? – Every family has signature locations that mean a lot to them. It could be the backyard, a local park, the soccer field, or even commercial space. Speaking with the photographer about important and appealing spaces for a photo is part of what makes a tailored session so valuable.

Professional family photography and portrait photography are unique, but Holladay Photography lets you customize the experience to get the unforgettable images you deserve.

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