Four Tips for Designing Effective Custom Signs

by | May 14, 2018 | Business

When designing custom signs, Illinois businesses want to get the most out of the signage. Of course, they should be easily read and understood. While sharing information with present clientele is important, designing signage also needs to consider potential customers who may pass by. Outdoor signs should grab attention and make an impact. Here are a few design elements to consider before talking to a professional who creates custom signs in Illinois.

Consistency in Design

Signage should be consistent with other marketing or promotional materials. Staying with the same colors and fonts provide brand consistency and helps consumers remember it more easily. Adding some new colors and fonts for a little variety is good but keeping the same basics will help continue communicating your message to consumers over time.

Create a Strong Message

First impressions often come from custom signs Illinois businesses create. This makes the content included on signage crucial. Make the main message a sign needs to convey the central focus. It may simply be the business name, announcing a grand opening, a new promotion or something as simple as new store hours, but it should be attention-getting and memorable.

Stand out from the Rest

Signage is often viewed quickly by passersby who won’t take much time to view it. The design should make an impact quickly. Use content and contrasting colors to make signs stand out in their surroundings. Using a dark background with lighter text or vice versa helps add depth and dimension to signage so they are easier to read.

Select an Appropriate Size

In most cases, the larger the letters, the easier a sign is to read. This is particularly true when designing roadside signs. If signage is used on a storefront, there is no need to cover it entirely with a sign or signs. Make them big, bold and brief to ensure the message stands out. To catch the eye of viewers from a distance, they will have to be large. This is also true for banners and other signage inside a store. The size should not be overwhelming but noticeable and readable.

Custom signs in Illinois can communicate your message, ideals and vision. Visit the Quantum Sign website today to find out how they can help.

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