Tips for Successful Baby Photography in Cincinnati OH

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Business

Hiring a professional is a must for the best Baby Photography in Cincinnati OH, but beyond that many parents aren’t sure what to expect. It’s important to schedule a photographer ahead of time and make the final arrangements once the baby is born as newborn photography should be done within the baby’s first week, but no longer than first two weeks, to get the adorable poses that many people love. Once the arrangements are made, it’s time to start thinking about what the person wants from their photos.

Decide on a Location

Most newborn portraits are done either in the parents’ home or in the photographer’s studio. However, if the weather’s nice outside, it may be a perfect day to head outside for at least a few of the photographs. Think about the images that are desired and the best location to get them.

Think About Props that Can be Used

The photographer is going to have their own props, but that doesn’t mean that’s all that’s going to be needed. If mom or dad want to bring any props, the photographer will definitely welcome it. Common props for a parent to bring on their own will include special toys, family heirlooms, blankets, the baby’s first shoes, a wooden letter for the baby’s first or last initial, and even the parents’ wedding rings.
Prepare the Baby the Day of the Photoshoot

The baby should be nice and sleepy for the photoshoot, so it’s a good idea to feed them right before the photographer arrives. Some photographers recommend loosening their diaper for a bit before the session to get rid of the red marks diapers can make. The parent should try to calm down before the photoshoot as well to help the baby stay calm. Of course, there’s a worry that the baby won’t cooperate, but the chances of that are low if mom and dad are calm and help the baby stay calm.

Parents who want the best Baby Photography in Cincinnati OH can follow these tips and work with their photographer to have an amazing collection of pictures they’re going to love showing off. If you’re ready to schedule your baby portraits, take the time to contact Daniel Michael today and don’t forget to ask about what else you can do to prepare.

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