Tips for Evaluating Different Reception Halls in Tucson

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Weddings

No wedding is complete without a reception. Just as care must be taken to find the right place for the ceremony, it also pays to spend a reasonable amount of time looking at different Reception Halls Tucson. Here are a few of the attributes that the right hall must possess in order to ensure the location is ideal for the event.

Large Main Hall

With most receptions, the main hall must be large enough to accommodate a great deal of activity. Think about how much space is needed for a reception line that includes the happy couple, their parents, and the other members of the wedding party. There must also be room to set up the food and cake tables. Guests will also need somewhere to sit. If the event will include a live band, a place for the musicians to set up is a must. Remember that guests will also want room to get up and dance as part of the celebration. Only Reception Halls Tucson that will easily accommodate all these activities is worth considering.

Access to Power

Some of the setup for the reception will require access to electrical outlets. This includes warming trays for some of the food, and outlets that the band can use for their equipment. Even if the plan is to have a deejay instead of a live band, there is still the need to have enough outlets on hand to connect all the sound equipment. Focus on Reception Halls Tucson that have enough outlets along each wall to ensure an easy setup, and it will be much easier to settle on the layout for the space.


Whatever the hour for the reception, pay close attention to the amount of light in the space. This includes natural as well as ambient light. If the hall sports picture windows that look out over a beautiful view, that will be a real asset for an afternoon reception. Remember that since the weather does not always cooperate, it helps to check the overhead lighting found in the hall. Even if things get dark and cloudy outside, those overhead fixtures should be enough to make the space warm and cheery.

For help with any aspect of the wedding or reception, call the experts at Reflections at the Buttes today. The support they provide will go a long way in making things go smoothly when the big day arrives.

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