The Job and Convenience of an Attic Ventilator

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Heating and Cooling

Summer months can be unbearably hot and humid, and can heat up a house quickly. Homes with even a little problem in their insulation or ventilation systems may not cool down as well as others. Most people don’t realize this, but a cool attic can be vital to the coolness of the rest of the home. A cool attic can offer a lot of relief, but the benefits go even further than comfort and relaxation.

When an attic ventilator is correctly installed, it can prolong the attic’s lifespan and the roof’s structure. The installation may save lots of money in potential future repairs by effectively circulating air around the attic. While soffit and gable vents allow cool air to come into an attic using the natural convection process, they might not be successful in completely cooling down an attic. Attic ventilators help push the warm air in the attic back outside so that the area doesn’t overheat. From December to March, adequately ventilated attics keep icy buildup, wood rotting condensation, and keep deteriorating insulation at bay.

Year round, heat and moisture may cause damage to roofs causing them to need to be replaced sooner than they should be. Adequate ventilation protects the shingle manufacturer’s warranty and safeguards both the ceilings and roofs. Using a 120V powered Attic Ventilator throughout the year cuts down on moisture during winter months and reduces heat in the summer months. Ensuring that the attic is kept cool and dry prevents rot, early aging, and shingle distortion also caused by too much heat. Another benefit of attic ventilators is that they reduce utility bills and prolong the life of air conditioners.a

A very efficient type of Attic Ventilator is a solar powered ventilator. Solar ventilators can save customers approximately $180 yearly on utility bills, and customers are eligible for a 30 percent credit on taxes toward their purchase and installation price. This ventilation system utilizes energy created by the sun to power the machine, and doesn’t require fuel, or produce pollution. Solar powered attic ventilators also range in operation fees according to where they are installed, how large the attic is, and what type of climate it is installed in. They are also environmentally friendly, convenient for small budgets, and helpful in the cooling process. People looking to have these type of ventilators are other installed, can check out HVAC services like the one at for help.

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