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by | Jul 21, 2014 | Business & Economics

Technology’s aim seems to be that of becoming more and more versatile, from hundreds of years ago when the first pocket watch was invented, to more modern inventions such as the mobile phone, the Walkman, the CD player, the MP3 player, the IPod and the IPhone to even more modern inventions such as “Google Glass” and smart watches. Things are getting more advanced every day.

Competition Drives the Market

However with the resurgence of new technology we always have to wait a few years for it to become perfected. When the first CD player came out for example, walking with it would cause it to skip. This problem was not foreseen (or if it was they couldn’t fix it) before it came out. In order to improve, there needs to be competition. That way, companies will throw more resources at the tech, trying to improve it faster than the other guys. The problem with this is that the market for smart watches in India has been dominated by Sony and a couple other smaller brands. The European and American market has little to no competition either. There simply isn’t anyone else right now, Sony has the market and will for the foreseeable future. There would be no issue with this however if it was a different company.

New Innovation on the Horizon?

Google, unlike Sony, are innovators. Their aim is not just to make something to sell, but to make something for the sake of making something. They are a tech company. Like smart watches, “Google Glass” is still very much in its infancy of an actual product. Unlike smart watches, it doesn’t pretend to be finished, Google has announced all their plans for this product, while smart watches are being sold as a “finished product”. Perhaps the idea is to sell smart watches In India and Europe to make enough money to make them better. This is not a great idea. The idea of new technology is to improve people’s lives and make people more connected, not make a fast buck.

Companies seem to be in two dispositions today. You have the eager companies like Sony and LG who want to release something as soon as possible, and then you have your real tech industries, like Google and Apple, who try to perfect a product before it goes on sell. Apple smart watches for example are expected to be announced this October, showing that even the tech giant Apple isn’t ready to really bring this tech forward yet.

Sony’s attempt at the smart watch will be interesting and we will have to all wait and see if it really holds up as a standalone product or if it’s just the first step in the new market of smart watches.

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