Common Mobile Marketing Solution Misconceptions

by | Aug 23, 2014 | Business & Economics

If you think finding a mobile marketing solution for your business isn’t essential for future growth or for your target audience, it’s time to think again. Here are some of the most common reasons why people choose not to integrate a mobile marketing solution into their overall plan and why those arguments don’t hold any water.

My Audience Isn’t Technologically Savvy

In the US, 90-percent of adults have a cell phone. It doesn’t matter what product you’re promoting. Chances are, your customer operates a cell phone, which makes them at least a little technologically savvy. Moreover, 58-percent of US adults have a smart phone and 42-percent have a tablet of some kind. Most of America not only has newer technology, but uses it regularly. If you want to keep up with your audience, you need to keep up with technology too.

I Cater to a Mature Audience

The median age of a person who uses text messaging is 38-years old. This means that there are loads of grandmas and grandpas, as well as working-class individuals, who are regularly texting. Considering that the average texter sends and receives over 400 texts per month, it makes sense to integrate an SMS campaign into your plan, regardless of the age of your usual or target customer.

My Demographic Doesn’t Use Devices that Much

We’ve already established that most of the US is using new technology. The average person checks their smart phone 110 times per day. If they have a device, they’re using it, sometimes checking it every few minutes. A while back, the Blackberry earned the nickname “Crackberry” because it was so addictive. People aren’t just using their devices for calls. They’re sending messages, surfing the web, checking e-mail, shopping, getting directions, playing games and more. Shouldn’t they be using them to engage with your company as well?

It’s Too Complicated to Cater to Everyone

It can seem that way, with all the unique devices, operating systems, screen resolutions and other differences, but there are places like Arandell that can coordinate your mobile efforts for you.

Regardless of your industry, your clients have gone mobile and you should too. Whether people are just researching products and reading reviews, actively shopping or checking for deals, they’re increasingly turning to their mobile devices to do so. They’re also sharing what they find through social media and messages, which then becomes its own self-perpetuating promotional ecosystem. When planned out well, integrating your business with the latest technology gives you more opportunities to connect with your consumers and clients in the venue that they’re most comfortable in and when it’s convenient for them. Optimizing your spread is not just beneficial, it’s quickly becoming the standard in business enterprise—and it’s so simple, even the smallest companies can do it, allowing them to reach more people than ever before.

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