Teaching at Massage School: More Than Just Giving Information

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SOME FACETS of TEACHING at Massage School In Tucson AZ

At our Tucson Massage Schools, it is the desire of the staff to graduate competent, creative therapists who have developed their own abilities to visualize and understand anatomy, coupled with a sensitivity to palpate the whole person, all while listening deeply. At our Tucson Massage School we hold these truths:

*The client is the expert, of their own body and experience.
*The most profound thing we offer as body workers is presence, focus, and compassion.
*Good technique is important but next-to-useless without presence, focus, and compassion.
*Therapeutic touch should feel good to the client.
*We need to be aware of judgment in a session and in the classroom.
*Use inquiry when assisting a student or a client.
*Language, draping, and other details of a session can support or undermine a safe, therapeutic environment, and has the same effect in the classroom.
*Respect for the wisdom of the client’s and student’s own body/mind/spirit is essential to create healing/learning.
*We need to respect patterns of tension and resistance.
*Our goal is not to “fix problems” but to assist in awareness.
*Tracking and appropriate response are essential in both the classroom and the clinic room.
*We can create an atmosphere, which encourages the client/student to express anything they would like us to change in the session and in the classroom.
*Regardless of the gorgeous plan with which we might begin a session, we should let the client’s body (and the client’s feedback) shift the course of things.
*Listening literally and metaphorically, in a session and in the classroom are powerful tools.
*Comfort or tension in our body/mind as a therapist or teacher is communicated to the client or student by the quality of our touch, & in the quality of our teaching.
*It is an honor that another person makes themselves available to our touch- we must have their permission to begin, and to continue.
*The therapist holds the container of the session, creating a safe place for the client to have their experiences of the work; simiilarily, the teacher holds the container of the classroom.
*The teaching of massage, parallels, and therefore should model the behaviors important to the therapist-client experience.
*Kindness can open many doors in the body and the mind.
*Engage in an ongoing exploration of your educational paradigm and how you implement it in the classroom.
*Continue to develop as a teacher independently and make use of the training opportunities provided by the school to the ASIS Tucson Massage School staff.
*Continue to explore dealing with student issues in the moment, facilitate circles, hold the space, and frame the material you are teaching for the day, the week, the course.
*Give the students ongoing context for why the material is relevant. Be sure to never down play another modality or instructor!
*Remember, sarcasm usually hurts someone. Refrain from any sexual comments, or jokes.
*Inspiration is your greatest tool!

Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy. Sri Nisargadatta

Philosophical and Practical Approach: What is the school’s approach to teaching massage therapy? If you are looking into holistic health courses at massage schools in Tucson, why not consider sitting in on a class to understand the ASIS approach to education.

As part of the courses offered through ASIS massage school in Tucson licensed massage therapists can train to become teachers at massage school.

Learning to Teach in Massage Schools in Tucson

If you want to learn to teach at massage school in Tucson, or understand the school’s education philosophy, it is important for you to attend the right courses which will honor your learning style. Check into your local Arizona massage schools to find the right program to fit your needs. In Tucson, Arizona, and throughout the ASIS campuses, you can find what you are looking for – a chance to explore this intriguing form of massage therapy, while honoring your self, and the client’s you touch.

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