Sprinklers Help With Water Conservation in Wichita, KS

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Home and Garden

When many homeowners seek to keep landscapes green and lush, they often end up overwatering, causing waste. Overwatering doesn’t just waste water and cause greater cost in municipal water bills; it may also damage a person’s plants. Instead of trying the old-fashioned and wasteful method of garden hose watering, it can be helpful to have a lawn sprinkler system installed. Sprinklers can help with Water Conservation in Wichita KS, so water is not wasted, and plants are watered at the most opportune times.

A sprinkler system can be set up in many ways, using different types of irrigation equipment, depending on the needs of the homeowner. These sprinklers are set in specific areas to ensure they are able to cover large amounts of lawn or foliage.
The best part of using lawn sprinkler systems is there is no water waste and no overwatering. Today’s sprinklers can be timed to come on at specific points in the day. They can also be timed to ensure the duration of watering is kept to a certain period of time. Homeowners have access to controls that allow them to choose the watering schedule that will best benefit their yard’s plant life while ensuring they are staying compliant with county rules for water use.

Recently, a new system has been invented that allows even more precise controls to be used for watering a lawn. With the latest smart controllers, systems can be equipped with evapotranspiration technology that monitors the amount of humidity in the air and uses weather data to make a determination on when the lawn or plants of a home need to be watered. This prevents the sprinkler system from coming on after it has rained so no water is wasted. This type of control allows for greater Water Conservation in Wichita KS.

If you are a homeowner who is tired of dealing with brown and dry patches in your yard, a sprinkler system can help. This will allow you to have a lush, green lawn without overusing water and wasting resources. For more information, contact Rain Link Inc. and schedule an appointment right away.

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