Restoration Services And Wet Vacuuming In Clifton Park

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Fires and natural disasters lead to serious property damage. These conditions could lead to hazardous developments such as mold and mildew. Once these conditions set in, they could cause additional damage and cause respiratory-based illnesses for the property owner and their family. When these conditions occur, restoration services can help.

Evaluating the Living Space

A claim’s adjuster performs an inspection at any time that a property is damaged. The inspection helps them to identify all areas affected by the natural disasters and fire. They determine whether or not the property is a total loss or if restoration services are needed.

The First Step

Wet Vacuuming in Clifton Park is included in the first step of property restoration. It is required to remove all standing water inside the property. Along with the use of dehumidifiers, the service helps to prevent any additional developments of mold or mildew. This allows the technicians to identify all materials that were damaged by excessive water.

Removing Damaged Materials

Next, the technicians remove materials that were saturated when a fire was extinguished, or a storm pass affects the property. Carpeting and sheet rock are often damaged during these events. Since they could hide additional water, they are removed during the sanitization process. Restoration services use waste management services to remove these items from the living space. If health hazards are found, these items are packaged in plastic to prevent the spread of spores.

Reconstructing the Living Spaces

The final step is to reconstruct the damaged areas. This includes replacing the sheet rock, base boards, and roofing when necessary. All areas that were identified as damaged are restored completely according to the floor plan for the property. Restoration services may also replace carpeting if it is included in the homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Restoration services are hired whenever a property is damaged extensively. When health hazards are present, the homeowner must vacate the property until these services are completed. This prevents the likelihood of respiratory or allergy-based conditions. The service provider removes all materials that could pose a threat to the homeowner and their family. To learn more about restoration services such as Wet Vacuuming in Clifton Park, contact Professional Fire Restoration Service.

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