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by | Mar 30, 2015 | Business

Are you in need of high quality copper strainers for your HVAC unit? Spinco Metal Company can help. They are expert manufacturers of tube fabrication products and have been in business for a number of years. They produce a range of simple to complex parts and assemblies which will be sure to meet environmental standards.

Their Copper Strainers Will Exceed Your Expectations

Copper strainers are used in HVAC units for a number of reasons, some include:

•  Protect refrigerant metering devices
•  Filter sediment
•  Protect other components like compressors and valves

They manufacture their products using the copper spinning method to ensure the highest quality. Copper spinning is a unique process which only a few companies have the ability to accomplish. This process grants them the ability to expand or reduce end forms to a number of sizes, including unusual ones. They use this method to manufacture a number of products which include:

•  Copper distributors
•  Desiccant dryers
•  Copper check valves
•  Accumulators
•  Mufflers
•  Strainers

In addition, all their strainers are firmly crimped into a collar or screen-holder before getting inserted into the strainer shell to ensure long lasting and top quality performance.

Considerations When Picking the Best Strainer for your Unit

When picking copper strainers for your needs, there a number of things to consider. These include:

•  Maximum operating pressure of your unit
•  The amount and type of contaminants which are likely to accumulate in the system

Having this information handy will ensure that the screen areas are large enough to trap and hold the foreign particles that tend to build up during the life of the unit. In this way, the refrigerant flow isn’t impeded and there will not be an excessive drop in pressure.

About Spinco Metal Company

Spinco Metal Company is a supplier of high quality parts that cater to air conditioner and refrigerator manufacturers. They have been producing high quality copper brazed tubing assemblies and other refrigeration components for a number of decades. During that time, they were able to establish and maintain domination in this field and are widely considered to be innovators when it comes to HVAC tube fabrication products. They also excel in the development of new machinery that produces better products faster and for less money. The result of all this innovation is a continuously expanding line of different products, services, and capabilities that will be sure to meet, or even exceed, your expectations. Their commitment to your satisfaction is unsurpassed; you can depend on them as a resource for all your HVAC tube fabrication parts.

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