Ways to Recycle Appliances

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Business

Although modern appliances have fantastic features, many of which had not even been thought of as few as 15 years ago, the one thing they don’t have is the ability to be easily repaired. After the appliance has aged and a component fails, trying to source a new part is difficult and trying to repair the failed part is next to impossible. The net result is that once an appliance fails many homeowners simply buy a new one but then they are left with the problem of what to do with the old one.

Many dealers will help recycle the old appliance if you request it when you purchase the replacement. Many municipalities also offer an appliance recycling program as do various charitable organizations. If it still has some life in it the charity will often place it with a new owner or sell it to a scrap dealer and put the proceeds in their coffers.

Perhaps the easiest way to recycle the old appliance is to arrange to have it taken away by the retailer when they deliver its replacement. This is often done as a service to clients, the retailer in turn normally works in cooperation with a charity who takes responsibility for the final disposition. If this is not possible then ask the local government, they may have an area set aside at the local landfill where recyclables can be dropped off.

Another great way to get rid of an unwanted appliance or any metal for that matter is to contact a scrap metal buyer, by doing this you can turn your old, unwanted appliance into cash. Most appliances have sufficient metal content to warrant the scrap metal dealer to come to your residence, pick-up the appliance and take it to the yard for recycling.

When you are considering appliance recycling it does not necessarily mean that the unit will be scrapped and used to produce new metal. In many cases the old machine still works but the homeowner simply wanted to have a new machine with advanced features. In cases like this the best solution is to call a charity that collects outdated appliances and turns them over to people in real need.

Creative homeowners can also turn to repurposing some old appliances. Although there may not be any components in a stove top range that can be repurposed, the stainless steel drum from a washing machine can easily be removed and used as a garden planter or even turned into the base of a unique coffee table.

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