What are Special Security Bolts and Where Are They Most Often Used?

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Business

There is a huge variety of fasteners that are in common use. Standard bolts are manufactured to meet certain design specifications that apply to the thread form as well as the head. The head of a standard bolt is such that the fastener can be turned using a readily available tool such as a screwdriver or wrench. In situations where security is an issue custom bolts in NY are used, these bolts have the same thread form as any standard bolt, it is the bolt head which is different. These bolts are often used in areas where there is a significant potential for vandalism.

These types of custom bolts in NY are often referred to as tamper proof bolts, the unique design of the head demands the use of a matching tool to both install and remove them. These types of fasteners are used in many places where there is a threat of vandalism or where there is a potentially unsafe situation. Custom security screws or bolts are found in public restrooms in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, schools and roadside rest stops.

These types of fasteners are used in areas where theft is a possibility. Hotel and motel rooms are outfitted with high value TVs and radios, the use of security screws eliminate this as the items can be screwed directly and security to a desk or the wall. These bolts are also used by those companies that manufacture and install security grills over windows, without these fasteners it would only take a thief a matter of moments to gain entry to a home or other building. These screws are also used for high voltage electrical service panels where unauthorized access could result in serious injury or even death.

Custom bolts in NY are used extensively for fastening custom wheels to a vehicle. A special tool is used that fits into a machined shape in the head of the bolt; the owner carries the tool in the vehicle and uses it in the event the wheel has to be removed. Without the tool the wheels cannot be removed, this eliminates the distinct possibility of theft.

Many custom bolts are made from hardened steel which makes it impossible to even remove them with a chisel or bolt cutters. Custom bolts are used when the matching thread is a tapped hole, in the event the fasteners are used as through bolts a custom nut is also available.

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