Professional LLC Records Management for Streamlined Access and Compliance

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Business

At the time you started your Limited Liability Company, you knew that in order to stay in compliance with your state’s regulations and reporting laws you’d need a strong record keeping system. There are many paperwork requirements to maintain that must be created and disseminated on a regular basis. There are ways you can make this process easier to handle and manage by integrating a records compilation, management, and access service in a hosted solution.

Free Up Time and Office Space

Managing and maintaining corporate records are a responsibility of every business owner. Your LLC Records need to be accurate and up to date for many reasons. If you are ready to open a corporate bank account, appoint officers, hold your annual meeting or bring in new investors, your documentation needs to be easily accessible. Ensure that it is also accurate and compiled properly in order to provide necessary information with the many people with whom you do business. These processes can be time-consuming and require research and the assistance of professionals who can provide you with the best practices to remain compliant.

You never know when you’ll need fast access to key documents such as stock certificates, employee documents, investor data or financing records. When you partner with a hosted professional corporate data management solution, you’ll be able to relax, knowing every aspect of your corporate data is compiled accurately and is readily accessible for all your business needs. Investors or partners seeking access to key corporate updates can easily be given access to the records and will appreciate the open flow of information. You won’t have to waste time digging through stacks of receipts, or flipping through countless pages of a record book to find what you need. With streamlined and clearly identified records online, data is available at any time to those you give access to.

Manage all Aspects of Your Business

As your business grows, your data and records will expand as well. Property acquisitions and leases, permits, insurance records, employee, investor and partner data will all need to be accurately documented and organized. Your LLC Records need to be complete and accessible, so why keep them locked in a room where you need to hire personnel to manage their filing and risking the loss of a document that cannot be replaced? An online management solution  presents a professional attention to detail that those who need to interact with your data will appreciate. Your lawyer, accountant, and other key partners will be able to do their job easily with level-appropriate access that can be customized. You’ll wonder how you ever managed documentation before utilizing this effortless system that will work beside you as your document needs grow along with your business.

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