Motor Vehicle Insurance Quotes: How to get a Better Rate

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance Quotes are a necessity before starting any new policy, even if you have been with the same company for years. Companies can offer price ranges that vary dramatically, even for the exact same vehicle and driver. In addition, there are numerous discounts available from most insurers and it is easy for those to be overlooked when you are simply renewing a policy.

When seeking a quote, it is important to have the necessary information that could save you money. Always point out your good driving record, impressive credit score or age if you a senior. If the policy will include a student, include a transcript with their grades because many companies offer discounts for honor students. You may even be able to bundle multiple policies with them to get a lower rate.

Details that make you less of an insurance risk are important as well. This includes having a garage for nighttime storage, using the vehicle only occasionally or the installation of a security device into the vehicle driven most often. Living and working in low crime neighborhoods can also make a large difference. These factors can save a substantial amount on your policy each year and they do not require any changes in your lifestyle.

If you still need to lower your costs, there are some proactive measures that can save money. The best way to get a discount is to take a defensive driving course. You can also consider carpooling or walking to drive fewer miles. Other options include choosing a higher deductible and lowering the amount of your coverage, especially on older vehicles.

When you contact a company like the Perdue Insurance Group it is important to discuss with the agent any discounts they have available. If your Motor Vehicle Insurance Quotes are coming in higher than you expected or can easily afford, ask them directly what you may be able to do to lower them. Reputable insurance companies want to give their customers the best deal possible because they want to encourage them to return next year or when coverage on their home, business or something else is needed.

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