Five Steps of Traditional Swedish Massage in Saratoga Springs, NY

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Salons

Traditional Swedish massage in Saratoga Springs, NY is different from some of the other techniques. The primary difference is there is a specific order they are done in. The techniques involve applying deeper pressure and can increase oxygen distribution throughout the body. The process helps release uric and lactic acids from muscles. Athletes find this particularly beneficial.

Swedish massage can help reduce joint stiffness and pain, improve flexibility, and can help with symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Five Distinct Steps of Traditional Swedish Massage

Step 1: Effleurage

These motions slide or glide over various areas of the body. Massagists use long sweeping movements that also alternate between gentle and firm pressure. They may use the fingertips or the palm of their hand to apply pressure. During this step, muscle tension is released.

Step 2: Petrissage

The kneading action in this step sets it apart from others. The movement helps penetrate deeper in the muscles. Thumbs and knuckles may be used to knead muscles and squeeze them. This helps prepare them for the following techniques.

Step 3: Rhythmic Tapping or Tapotement

The will perform a series of rhythmic tapping using their cupped hands. As expected, this will relax the muscles, but at the same time, it energizes them.

Step 4: Creating Friction

Creating heat can help muscles relax. The massagist will either rub the palms of their hands together vigorously, or rub the skin of the person receiving the treatment. The goal is to create heat with friction. When heat is created, the muscles tend to warm up and the body gets a much deeper traditional Swedish massage in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Step 5: Shaking – Vibration

Using the back and forth motion of the fingertips, or the heel of the hand, this technique helps loosen muscles. The body’s muscles are shaken which helps them become loose and relaxed.

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