Fertilizer is only one part of the equation

Any farmer will tell you that fertilizer is important but no more so than sunlight. There is nothing that anyone can do about sunlight, there is never enough or too much, fortunately the farmer does exercise control of the fertilizer that is spread on the field. Incorrect spreading of fertilizer is one of the primary reasons behind crop failure, too much or too little can damage the plant. This is the reason why farmers rely so much on machines and mechanization.

Fertilizer spreaders:
Farmers have a number of different spreaders available to them, among the most useful and the most cost effective is a pull-type fertilizer spreader. Although this style of spreader may not be fully automated it can do the job far better than any person can do. As a farmer, I is important that you know the pros and cons of the equipment you buy.

  • The size of the spreader: The size of the spreader will generally compliment the size of the fields. Although there is a natural tendency to “go big” this is not the ideal approach. Choose a product that has a hopper capacity and boom spread that is complimentary to your farm.
  • Specs: Farm equipment, like everything else, is always changing based on new expectations, new materials and new manufacturing processes. You, and only you, know what you need. It is extremely important that you spend time looking at the different spreaders available to ensure that you get precisely what you need; no more and certainly no less.
  • Quality: To a farmer, quality equipment is of paramount importance. A typical farm has a wide variety of equipment and the majority of it is used periodically. When you buy a pull-type fertilizer spreader you are not buying it for one crop season, you are buying a piece of equipment that you hope will last many years. It may cost a little more up front but every wise farmer knows the difference between price and value.

The best pull-type fertilizer spreader is one that meets the unique requirements of your farm. Take the time up front to ensure that you spend your hard earned dollars properly and that your equipment assets give you years of service. For more information visit Fennigequipment.com.

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