Benefits of Having Your Eyebrows Waxed and Shaped

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Salons

There are many reasons that people get their eyebrows waxed and shaped. Women do it because they feel it makes them look more feminine or they are unhappy with the shape. Men do it many times because they have a unibrow. These are not the only reasons, but they are among the top ones. These also include shaping your brows to fit your face. Eyebrow waxing and shaping at Round Rock has become far and away the preferred method over tweezers. The use of wax makes it much easier to achieve the look you prefer because only the hairs that are covered in wax are the ones that are removed.

Hair Grows Back Softer and Slower

Because waxing removes hairs root and all it can take up to a month for the hair to grow back. A bonus involved in waxing is that your brows will keep their new shape longer. You will also notice that as your brows grow back, the hair is softer. You won’t have any of that scratchy feeling or hairs that are sticking right up from your face. The hairs are also thinner and finer and the more you have your eyebrows waxed and shaped at Round Rock, the less often you must do so.

A Great Effect on New Growth

If you have ever looked very closely at your eyebrows, then you will have seen that they’re not identical and that not all the hairs grow in the same direction. As you continue waxing and shaping your brows, the hair will start growing in the same direction in as little as two or three treatments, as well is starting to form the line you want to see. Are you looking to make a dramatic change in your face? The skilled staff at Sweet Waxology can do that for you just by making changes to the shape of your brows.

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