Divorce Attorneys in West Bend, WI, Help Will All Aspects of the Legal Process

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Lawyers

Getting divorced is an emotional, exhausting process that involves many different legal hearings. Depending on the exact terms of the couple’s current relationship, the process may turn into a long, drawn-out battle that becomes very heated and contentious. For this reason, both people getting divorced will need their own lawyer. Divorce attorneys in West Bend, WI help their clients ensure that their needs are fairly met and that the legal process is as simple and quick as possible. A lawyer can help with divorces that include:

* Child Support and Custody – When minor children are involved in a marriage that is ending, the most suitable guardianship must be determined. In many cases, parents will split custody and share the financial responsibilities of raising their children. In other situations, one parent will have sole or majority custody and the other parent will be legally responsible for paying child support. The family court system and attorneys will help determine custody battles and set child support amounts.

* Credit Card Debt and Other Bills – Any type of debt that the couple accrued while married will have to be assigned during a divorce. One party may take on all of the debt as part of the divorce agreement while some couples may choose to split the bills evenly. Divorce attorneys in West Bend, WI will help divorcing couples determine the best way to divide any debt.

* Alimony – When one person in a divorce makes substantially more money than the other, they may be responsible for providing financial assistance to help maintain their former partner’s quality of life. Alimony arrangements are determined by how much income each spouse earns and how much financial distress they will face after the divorce. If one spouse stayed home to raise children or didn’t make nearly as much as their successful partner, they are likely owed alimony to help them live comfortably on their own. A lawyer from Hetzel and Nelson LLC in West Bend helps ensure that alimony settlements are fair to both parties and that everyone’s needs are met.

With everything that must be considered in a divorce, it is clear that hiring a lawyer is necessary. Without a lawyer, those getting divorced may not be treated fairly in court or may not receive everything to which they are entitled. Divorce attorneys in West Bend, WI are ready to help their clients in matters of child custody, alimony, debt assignment and more. Visit www.hetzel-nelson.com for more details.

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