All About Towable Tubes for Boats

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Water Sports

Watersports enthusiasts will tell you that tubing is a blast, and is one of the components to a perfect summer season. If you are unsure about this aquatic activity, or just have more questions, then read on to learn more. There is a lot to know about towable tubes for boats, such as staying safe, and how to make the most of them. Hopefully, with the right information, you can make the right choice and get the perfect tube for you.

Choosing a Tube Style

You may be surprised by the amount of choices that are available to consumers these days. For example, you can choose a boat style that is circular, rectangular, or triangular. Moreover, the products being offered these days are toting a wide range of accessories. Examples include cup holders, arm and headrests, and storage pockets for keeping items safe and sound. Colors and graphics are upping the ante in terms of aesthetic appeal, and strong, durable materials are comfortable and dependable. Finally, you will want to figure out what size you want. Towables tubes for boats can accommodate one, two, three, or even four adult passengers.

Remember the Essentials

When looking for towables tubes for boating, it is easy to forget about the other components of the activity. For instance, be sure to know where you are going to go tubing, as well as the boat and the people involved. Will you be having fun on a lake, in the ocean, a bay, or another waterway? This is important and will help you in making a final decision about the floater. Does the boat already have a towing line and harness, or will you need to purchase one? Be sure to test its strength before hooking up any passengers. About one hundred feet of line will be the ideal length for zooming behind a boat.

Staying Safe

Sunscreen, lifejackets, a buddy system – these are some crucial things to keep in mind before hitting the waves. Have a communication system in place for riders and drivers. For example, blowing a whistle or using hand motions can help with communicating that you want to head back to shore, or that the speed is too high. Strap on that lifejacket, no matter how much you think it clashes with your style, and sunscreen will ensure that you do not go home looking like a lobster.

Grab your tube, and get out there!

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