Tips for Enjoying Water Inflatables and Towable Tubes

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Water Sports

Whether you’re floating lazily down the river or flying across the water, boating is just not complete without water inflatables and towable tubes. The best way to beat the summer heat is on top of a rideable towing tube built for one to four riders. Keep reading to learn how to enjoy your water inflatables responsibly and still have fun.

Boats Need Strong Towable Tubes

A water tube made to float down the river may not hold up while power tubing behind a speeding motorboat. Choose water inflatables and towable tubes designed to be towed, with the appropriate specifications to make sure your day on the water is safe and fun. If you are a boat owner and plan to pull a water inflatable, make sure you purchase water inflatables and towable tubes that come equipped with a harness that easily attaches to your towing rope. This type of equipment is durable and reliable and can withstand the friction and pressure of skidding over water at high speeds. They also are far less likely to pop than regular inner tubes.

Use Heavy Duty Rope to Tow Water Inflatables and Towable Tubes

A single rope connects your precious tubers to the boat. So, make sure you are using a heavy-duty rope. That rope must withstand a lot of stress, especially if you are using a multi-passenger tube towing several adults. Inspect the rope before each use, looking for frayed ends that could unravel during a tow. For safety reasons, only use heavy duty ropes that are very thick, with an extra tight weave. This ensures a safe and smooth ride.

Make Sure All Passengers Wear Life Jackets

Whether tubing slowly down a river or gunning across a lake, all passengers on water inflatables and towable tubes should wear life jackets. This won’t make you the most popular captain in some crowds, but everyone will be glad that they got home safely after a great day on the water.

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