What Is Needed for Document Attestation for Qatar

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Recently, there have been some changes in the process for document attestation for Qatar. It used to be the Embassy required a bonafide letter from the university or educational institution in a regular format. However, there were frequently fraudulent documents so the requirements are more complicated in an attempt to curb fake versions. It is far more difficult now to verify employment, especially if you are located elsewhere and no one at home can provide adequate documentation.

Education Document Attestation for Qatar

Individuals who want to have educational documents attested in Qatar will need to bring along a degree or diploma as well. The letter of verification from the educational facility will also need to contain this information:

  • Authenticity of the certificate

  • Student status (full time or part time)

  • Degree or diploma program or schedule

  • Type of degree (diploma, Bachelor, Master or Doctorate)

  • Length of the course and time it should take to complete it

  • Academic standing at the time the institution provided the certificate

Without these items, the Embassy of the State of Qatar will not accept the attestation request. These new regulations were put into place in June of 2016. There are no deviations allowed; you will need all of these for acceptance of document attestation for Qatar.

Recommendations for Obtaining Qatar Attestation from India

It is usually best to first approach the educational facility to obtain a letter in the required format. Present the Embassy notice to the university so they know what format is needed for the education document attestation for Qatar. After the letter is in hand, remember you need your documentation proving your final grades. Once you gather all the documents, they will need to be notarized before you take them to the Qatar Embassy.

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