How Signature Pads Can Lead to the Success of Your Business

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Business

From signing legal documents to payment methods, there are various reasons why companies require their clients’ signatures. Whether customers agreeing to the terms-of-service, giving permission, or completing a business transaction. Without a client’s signature, it can lead to legal problems that can jeopardize the success of the company. One of the downsides of requiring clients to sign the documents is the copious amount of papers the business will accumulate over time. This means the company will be required to store the receipts or documents that can take up valuable space. In some cases, the business may need to pay the additional space to store these documents in. With a signature pad, you can improve how your company operates by electronically collecting their signature.

Advantages of Electronic Signatures

  • Eliminates the unnecessary time that it takes to print out documents to allow workers to focus on other aspects to improve how the business operates.
  • Electronically files the paperwork and signature to organize your company. In addition to making it easier to find the document you need when you require them.
  • Saves the cost of purchasing paper and additional resources such as ink pens when you utilize a signature pad.
  • They are legally binding and makes it easier to validate a customer’s signature.
  • Employees do not have to spend hours filing away the paperwork and allow them to focus on your clients’ needs.
  • Allows for faster payment process to reduce the risk on not receiving payment of a service or product.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Company and Cut Costs

UniLink works with various financial institutes to help each client find the right services and products to enhance how their business operates. You can help lower your costs today by investing in the equipment required to electronically accept your clients’ signatures. By reducing the cost of purchasing paper, ink, writing utensils, and storing the documents. You can pass these savings onto your customers to ensure their satisfaction.

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